“Becoming a part of Main Street Lorain is a collaboration that naturally makes sense when both of our organizations are working toward bettering our community’s tomorrow. Lorain Local offers a spotlight celebrating the people, places, and events within the city of Lorain. Main Street promotes collaboration and celebration to make our downtown vibrant and accessible to visitors of all ages. Our missions seem to align perfectly. We are very thankful to receive all of the support Main Street has to offer, and we are excited to be a part of this organization as we move into the future of our city.”
– Brooke Fenner, Lorain Local magazine (lorainlocal.com)

“The Lorain Historical Society is proud to be an active member of Main Street Lorain as this program honors historic preservation and beautification—definitely part of our Mission as a historical society.  We also believe that Main Street helps to create a strong “sense of place” which has been so much a part of the heritage of the City of Lorain.”
– Barb Piscopo, Lorain Historical Society (lorainhistory.org)